Aaron Goodliss

December 10th, 2019 by Rudy Crichlow

Aaron has a passion for basketball that goes beyond his playing experience. He believes that competitiveness and motivation is what drives basketball players to be the best version of themselves. Aaron played along side former Uconn Husky and NBA player Jeff Adrien at Baker school in Brookline, MA. Aaron is a tactician when it comes to strategy as he has studied many notable college basketball coaches. Rick Pitino for his on ball team defense and full court press, Bob Mckillop’s motion offense with off ball screens and back door cuts and Nate Oates for his ability to connect with his players, use hard nose team defense and practice strategies. Aaron always brings high energy, enthusiasm, positivity and passion to every practice which is on full display for opposing teams and fans. The game is never over until the clock hits zero.