What People Are Saying

MCIB, (formerly “Mass Commanders”), is the very best basketball club. Rudy Crichlow, is the real deal. He has dedicated his adult life to training, developing and promoting young basketball players and it shows. My son, Wyatt, worked with MCIB/Rudy starting at age 10 and is now 18. My son, growing up, was extraordinarily tall and large.  Rudy took him under his wing, trained him, developed him, counseled him and promoted him. In large part because of MCIB/Rudy, he is currently the Captain of the Wheeler School Varsity Basketball team.  We have been all over the country with MCIB/Rudy playing in top level tournaments.  Some of the best memories we will ever have were made on those trips.  Rudy trains young players to be the best they can be and he sees the value in every player.  He also promotes their playing careers through college. Rudy can be tough and he is a no-nonsense coach/trainer with an unmistakable wryness that always makes us smile.  Still he does not treat his players as cattle and often exhibits incredible kindness towards his players – never forgetting they are still developing.  MCIB is strictly for basketball players who want to take their game to the highest level and are willing to do the work to get there.  Because of MCIB/Rudy, my son is not only a better basketball player, but a better person as well. 

Brad & Lisa Greenberg

“They care about me, Mom”. Words my son repeated when I asked him if he wanted to stick with Mass Commanders after his first season. He felt and believed he was integral and essential not only to his team, but the club as a whole. These words speak volumes and are a testament to the commitment of Coach and Founder Rudy Crichlow and Coach Markus Potyranski. Zach received personal attention from the coaches multiple times per week. He met and played with teammates from all across the Commonwealth. As a parent, I admire Coach Rudy not only for his basketball acumen, but for his insistence on developing young men as a whole and demonstrating what they need to be successful adults on and off the court. In addition, for the semester fee, this club offers unprecedented value. One or two practices? Yes, there are two practices per week–but also ball handling, conditioning, and yoga—something I didn’t see anywhere else. For athletes focusing on one sport, they need to know how to restore and regenerate during and after intense seasons and yoga increases their flexibility. The program also offers official runs, when teams play directly with current college players, showing high school athletes how to excel and bring their game to the next level. Zach’s game grew exponentially from this experience. But what really blew me away is how the program always goes above and beyond. During Zach’s junior year, Coach Rudy invited a former teammate and current DII college coach to meet with players via Zoom to hear what the expectations are of a college program, and how they could achieve their college goals. I have been on sitting on youth sports sidelines and stands for 13+ years and I can say without a doubt that if your child wants to play basketball, this is the club for them.  

Jen Muroff

Rudy has both trained and coached my son to help prepare him for the next leg of his basketball journey. Rudy prepared and coached my son through several State Titles and Championships and even an Under Armour National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Rudy genuinely gets to know his players, both on and off the court, to best position them for a lifetime of success. Could not recommend anyone better.

Nicole Tongue

Never have I encountered a coach or trainer who is more committed to elevate and prepare his players for the next level. Rudy and his staff have worked with all three of my sons and positioned them into programs that match their capabilities – thus allowing each and every one of them to succeed.

Raynya Simmons

Our son has been working with MassCommanders for almost two years, and we have found them to be very professional and approachable. Rudy is dedicated to the development of their players and has a deep knowledge of the youth basketball program. He is such a talented trainer and impresses us by his ability to understand the players and to provide them with personalized feedback.

Grace Lee