West Suburban YMCA


Member privileges may be suspended or terminated by the West Suburban YMCA or such other disciplinary action may be taken which is deemed appropriate by the West Suburban YMCA under any of the following conditions:

  • Submits false information on the Membership Application, which if had been truthfully disclosed, would have rendered the applicant ineligible for membership.
  • Permit the authorized use of a members membership card or account.
  • Exhibits unsatisfactory behavior, deportment or appearance or acts in any other manner (including but not limited to sexual harassment) determined not to be in the best interest of the West Suburban YMCA and its members.
  • Fails to pay dues, fees, charges or any other amount owed to the West Suburban YMCA in a proper and timely manner.
  • Fails to abide by these Member Guidelines and other rules and regulations established from time to time by the West Suburban YMCA for use of the YMCA’s facilities, as may be amended from time to time.
  • Treats the personnel or employees at the west Suburban YMA in an unreasonable to abusive manner (including but not limited to sexual harassment).
  • Fails to accompany a guest when required by the West Suburban YMCA.
  • Engages in conduct that is improper or likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or reputation of the West Suburban YMCA, its members, or employees.

The West Suburban YMCA may, at any time, restrict, suspend, or terminate, for causes described above, the privilege of any member, designee, immediate family members or guest to use any or all of the YMCA’s facilities. No such member shall on account of any such restriction or other suspension be entitled to the repayment of any initiation fees, dues or other charges. During the restriction or suspension, dues, fees and other charges shall continue to accrue and shall be paid in full prior to reinstatement as a member in good standing.

Any member of the West Suburban YMCA whose membership privileges have been terminated for any reason shall only be eligible for membership or admitted use of the YMCA’s facilities upon approval by the West Suburban YMCA in its sole discretion. Any member of the West Suburban YMCA whose membership privileges have been terminated for submitting false information on the application shall not be eligible for readmission to membership.

Except in a case of termination or other disciplinary action for non-payment of dues (in which case, the YMCA is entitled to terminate or suspend the membership immediately without further notice), a member shall be notified of any proposed disciplinary action and shall be given an opportunity to be heard by the West Suburban YMCA to show cause why the member should not be disciplined in accordance with these rules. If the member desires to be heard, the member must submit a written request for a hearing to the President and CEO, within seven days after the days of the YMCA’s notice to the member of the proposed action. Upon receipt of the written request for a hearing, the West Suburban YMCA shall set a time and date for such hearing which shall in no event be less than five days after such request. Depending on the severity of the violation in discretion of the YMCA, membership privileges of the offending member may be suspended by the YMCA pending final decision. If the West Suburban YMCA terminates the membership for any reason, the initiation fees are non-refundable. 

In keeping with our mandate of building strong kids and families and families and to maintain safe and comfortable facilities, convicted and/or registered offenders are excluded from membership and program participation at The West Suburban YMCA’s, and offenders shall not enter onto YMCA property or loiter in the vicinity of YMCA programs and activities.